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About us

TheOutdoorShop - From Fire to Ice was foundet in autumn 2021 and is operated by Switch-Too GmbH, Germany. In our opinon, sustainability and being outdoors affect each other positively and will still be trending in the next years. Furthermore, this effect was accelerated by the corona pandemic, when people could not go on vacation in foreign countries so easily anymore and used their time discovering more close by locations in their own country. This often included hiking, camping etc. in the mountains, on lakes and so on. We hope, that people will increase their sustainability and start protecting the envrionment better even more, after the pandemic is gone.

We want you to have excellent equipment that lasts long and therefore does not end on a garbage dump as long as possible. That should lead to less orders, but of higher quality, and less transportation and therefore reduce the carbon footprint.
From Fire to Ice? - that´s easy: that is our pendant to A-Z, like two extemes: fire and ice, heat and coldness, fast and slow. Furthermore, we like the connection of those elements.

Sustainability is very important for us. Ocean plastic for instance is a big and still growing problem, like is the CO2-induced climate change or the still increasing amounts of plastic garbage. You can get more information on that topic on this page. There you can find information where our energy comes from, what kind of hosting we use and that we want to reduce the carbon footprint by planting trees.

We hope that you feel welcome and have a good time here. Since we are a rather new online store, we are still building up our product portfolio. If you have any cool ideas for new products or want to get in contact with us otherwhise, feeld free to use our contact form.