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Products from Biolan

Discover the products of the company Biolan from Finland. The program includes, among others, separation toilets, gray water filters and composters.

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Bioland Biowaste Thermo-Komposter
Biolan Biowaste Thermo Composter
With the Biolan Biowaste Thermo Composter you can compost your organic waste regardless of the season. This can be kitchen waste, but also, for example, organic waste from a separation toilet / dry toilet. The closing flap at the bottom...
€499.95 *
Bioland Thermokomposter 220eco Grün
Biolan thermal composter 220eco
The Biolan Thermo Composter 220e allows you to compost your organic waste all year round. This is possible thanks to its thermal insulation. With the help of the patented ventilation system, the air is led directly into the compost mass....
€679.95 *
Biolan Grauwasserfilter Light
Biolan Grey Water Filter Light
The Biolan gray water filter in the "Light" version is intended for use above freezing point. It cleans e.g. shower and kitchen waste water and uses biological filter material. You can use it for example in your allotment, cottage, or...
€749.95 *
Biolan Filtermaterial für Grauwasserfilter
Biolan filter material for gray water filters
The filter material from Biolan is intended for the gray water filters Basis and Light. One bag with a volume of 30 liters is sufficient for a complete exchange in the gray water filter. The duration of use is around 100 days, depending...
Content 30 Liter (€1.80 * / 1 Liter)
€53.96 * €59.95 *
Biolan Grauwasserfilter Basis (Thermo-Isolation)
Biolan Grey Water Filter Base (Thermo-Isolation)
The Biolan gray water filter in the "Basic" version is intended for the private purification of washing and shower wastewater. For this purpose, this gray water filter contains 5 filter boxes, which are filled with biological filter...
€1,399.00 *
Biolan Simplett Trenntoilette (3009)
Biolan Simplett separation toilet
The separation toilet Simplett from Biolan is a dry separation toilet for use in your own garden, Tiny House and more. It works completely without water and without chemicals. The Biolan Simplett toilet has a separation function so that...
From €341.10 * €379.00 *
Biolan Kanister Set
Biolan canister set
Biolan canister set consisting of 25 liter canister with screw cap to Bioland separation toilets. Included is a flexible piece of hard plastic tubing and a connecting sleeve, as well as a retaining ring for the opening 29x22x45 cm [LxWxH]
€49.90 *
Biolan Rohrset für Simplett Trenntoilette
Biolan pipe set for Simplett separation toilet
This is the Biolan pipe set for the Biolan Simplett separation toilet. Pipe set 75mm, black, muffled pipe 3x 1m incl. wall bracket and flexible hose transition, suitable for the outlet of the Biolan Simplett separation toilet.
€69.80 *
Biolan Spezial- Kompoststreu 2x35l (70 Liter)
Biolan special compost litter 2x35l (70 liters)
With the Bioland double container 2x35 liters (70 liters) compost litter simply operate your composting toilet. The Bioland special compost litter is ideal for the operation of composting toilets / separation toilets and composters and...
Content 70 Liter (€0.58 * / 1 Liter)
€40.46 * €44.95 *