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Campbee Hive Oone Toilet

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Integrierter Urintank
Volle Sitzhöhe
Mit Beutel
Lüfter vorhanden
Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter
Ohne Chemie
Ohne Wasser
The Campbee Hive One separation toilet is a real gem with its compact and chic design. Made of... more
Product information "Campbee Hive Oone Toilet"

The Campbee Hive One separation toilet is a real gem with its compact and chic design. Made of FSC-certified wood, it convinces not only by chic white surfaces, but also by sustainable functionality and sustainable production.

Part of the great design is, among other things, the front door, which is also open when sitting, behind which there is a toilet paper holder, as well as a litter holder. Thanks to the push-lock system, everything stays in place even during the journey. Against bad odors is taken care of: on the door is a seal and inside the Campbee separation toilet is a 12V fan.

The Campbee Hive One dry toilet is manufactured in Hamburg, Germany. While the body is made of FSC-certified beech wood, the separation insert, for example, is made of 100% recycled material and CO2-neutral.

By the way: an annoying lid search for the urine canister is not necessary, because this has its fixed place on a holder in the body.



The Campbee Hive One is easy to use like other dry urine separation toilets. Through the plastic separator insert, solids are simply separated from liquids into the built-in containers (10 liters each). The containers can be easily emptied without having to remove the separating insert.

For a quick check of the urine level, you can simply push open the door and take a quick look from the outside.

Thanks to the integrated ventilation, you don't have to worry about bad odors. A small fan is built into the housing, including an activated carbon filter. A push button automatically activates the ventilation as soon as you open the lid. The run-on time is 30 minutes. The activated carbon filter reduces the odor load to the outside and lasts for about 6-10 months, depending on usage.

Changing it is very easy and takes less than 2 minutes without tools: Lift toilet seat, take out filter sled, change carbon fleece and put everything back in place.



  •     Compact chic design
  •     Made in Germany with FSC-certified wood (beech)
  •     integrated solids tank as well as urine tank (10l volume each)
  •     Hinged front door including toilet paper holder and litter holder
  •     front door with push-lock mechanism
  •     Activated carbon filter
  •     Integrated fan (12V) against bad odors
  •     Floor mounting in the body
  •     Full seat height
  •     Separation insert made of recycled materials


Technical data

  •     Dimensions: 37,4x47,8x49,6 cm [WxHxD].
  •     Seat height: 47 cm
  •     weight: approx. 11 kg
  •     loadable up to: approx. 120 kg
  •     Volume urine canister: 10 liters
  •     Volume solids container: 10 liters
  •     Material: beech (carcass, FSC certified), decorative wax (natural oil base, carcass), polystyrene made from 100% recycled material (separator insert) and produced in a CO2-neutral manner, recycled polyactide (rPLA made from natural raw materials) (ventilation housing, toilet paper holder, holder for litter bucket), recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPETG) (other plastic parts)


Scope of delivery

  •     separation toilet hive one
  •     fully automatic ventilation (12V DC)
  •     10l liquid canister
  •     10l solid canister
  •     milled toilet seat, removable for quick and hygienic cleaning
  •     practical holder for the urine canister lid
  •     toilet paper holder
  •     litter bucket including holder
  •     mounting system


Wasserlos: Ja
Features: Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter, Integrierter Urintank, Lüfter vorhanden, Mit Beutel, Nachhaltig(er), Trenneinsatz, Volle Sitzhöhe
Art: Trenntoilette
Nachhaltigkeit: Herstellung, Recycling
Ohne Chemie: Ja
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