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Products from Mystic


Mystic is a Dutch manufacturer of accessories for various surfing sports, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing but also foiling. The product range includes neoprene articles, harnesses, protective equipment, clothing and more. For over 20 years, Mystic now equips water sports enthusiasts with high-quality and durable equipment.

Sustainability is also an increasingly important issue at Mystic. Some of their past actions include using eco-friendly shipping materials, reducing plastic in packaging, biodegradable wetsuit bags, and using organic cotton in their apparel items. Wetsuits in particular aren't exactly among the most sustainable products - which is why Mystic started using Yamamoto #39 this year. You can learn more on their website here.

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Mystic Wetsuit Cleaner 300 ml
Mystic Wetsuit Cleaner 300 ml
Extend the life of your equipment and simply use the Mystic Wetsuit Cleaner. It is based on a biodegradable composition of ingredients and cleans your wetsuit. Little bonus: the Mystic Wetsuit Cleaner acts as a kind of lubricant, making...
Content 0.3 Liter (€49.97 * / 1 Liter)
€14.99 *
Majestic Twintip Boardtasche
MYSTIC Majestic Twintip Board Bag
The Mystic Majestic Twintip bag for kiteboards is available in three sizes and is wonderful for carrying or storing your board. Sizes 135x45x10 - 1,6 kg 145x45x10 - 1,8 kg 165x50x10 - 2,0 kg Features 8 mm thick padding Ergonomic shoulder...
From €84.95 *
MYSTIC Kite Pumpe
MYSTIC Kite Pump (2.3 liters)
This Mystic Kite Pump is slightly smaller than the Mystic Kite Pump Extreme. It is super suitable if you want to reduce weight while traveling. It has an integrated pressure gauge, a flexible hose, an air filter, various adapters and...
€59.99 *
MYSTIC Kite Pump Extreme
MYSTIC Kite Pump Extreme (2.9 liters)
With the Mystic Kite Pump Extreme you get a powerful pump to quickly inflate your kite. It has a capacity of 2.9 liters , making it slightly larger and faster than the Kite Pump. The pump has an integrated pressure gauge, an ergonomic...
€69.99 *
Mystic Majestic X Hüfttrapez
Mystic Majestic X hip harness
The Majestic X Hardshell Weist H arness from Mystic is a slim waist belt that serves as a supportive hold and protector when kitesurfing or wakeboarding. Do you want to do carefree risky tricks on obstacles in wakeboard facilities or...
€399.99 *
Mystic Marshall Sitztrapez
Mystic Marshall Seat Harness
The Marshall Seat Harness from Mystic is a holding and back-protecting hip belt. It can be worn for kitesurfing and wakeboarding, among other things, and gives you security and supports the stability of your posture during daring tricks...
€249.99 *