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Nature´s Head Composting Toilet

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Integrierter Urintank
Mit Rührwerk
Volle Sitzhöhe
Ohne Beutel
Lüfter vorhanden
Ableitende Trennklappe
Ohne Chemie
Ohne Wasser
The Nature's Head® Separating Toilet is a waterless composting toilet for RVs/camper vans,... more
Product information "Nature´s Head Composting Toilet"

The Nature's Head® Separating Toilet is a waterless composting toilet for RVs/camper vans, boats, caravans, tiny houses and more. Although this dry separation toilet with composting function is space-saving, it offers a full seat height of approximately 53 cm. The composting process ensures that no unpleasant odors are formed.

By the way: in our blog article you can find a comparison table of the offered separation toilet systems.

You can find an experience report on the Natures Head here with us.

Choose one of 4 variants regarding the crank (spider or foot crank, with or without extra urine container). The foot crank is also suitable for people with limited movement, as it can be easily operated by foot. Note that the foot crank must always be on the right side of the separation toilet, as seen from the front.

Tip: the cranks are interchangeable. If you are interested in the other crank, please send us a short message. The Natures Head toilet must have a normal shaft for this and no slipping clutch, otherwise the shaft must be exchanged as well. All units sold through us should already be equipped with the normal shaft.

Due to its robust construction, it is also suitable for boats, because even in stronger swells nothing should leak. So it is therefore also ideal for campers, motorhomes and more.

How does the Nature's Head separation toilet work?

The principle is quite simple: since the Natures Head dry separation toilet is also a composting toilet, all you need to get started is, for example, a coconut fiber bar, which you soften 1 day before over night with about 1 liter of warm (or hot) water in the solid container of the separation toilet.

With the help of the separation flap, which is also the sight protection flap for the solids container, you can easily separate solids from liquids. This is also ideal for women, because "aiming" is not necessary in this way, as the entire surface of the flap drains urine. In this way, the solid container does not become too wet and urine can be emptied separately (and earlier) by means of the container.
Another point is that in this way the compost mass does not become too moist and odor is prevented. The level of the liquid container, which sits firmly and does not wobble around, can be seen from the outside. The solids container should be sufficient for about 60-80 sessions before it needs to be emptied. There is no need for a liner, litter, etc., just the coconut fiber mass, which pulls moisture from the solids and starts the composting process. During this process, the agitator ensures proper mixing.




The separation toilet has a 12V connection for the built-in fan, which is designed to remove moisture. If it is to be operated on 220V mains, an additional suitable 12V power supply must be ordered.

Mounting brackets, fuse, fuse holder, agitator, rotary handle and a 1.5m vent hose are included, below you will find a short listing for the Natures Head Toilet:

More Information

  •     Dimensions: 48.3x48.3x53.3 cm [WxDxH]
  •     Weight: 12,7 kg
  •     Material: PE/ 4VA
  •     12V fan (0,84 W)
  •     Privacy flap
  •     Urine draining flap
  •     integrated urine tank
  •     Urine tank capacity: 8 liters
  •     Solids tank capacity: 26 liters
  •     Composting function
  •     No insert necessary, no re-spreading necessary, no waste bag necessary!
  •     5 years manufacturer warranty

Scope of delivery of the Nature's Head®

  •         Dry separation toilet with composting function
  •         urine bottle 8,3 l with screw cap
  •         electric 12 V fan (0.84W, pre-assembled, approx. 0.02 kWh per day in continuous operation)
  •         1,8 m cable, fuse for connection to a battery
  •         1,5 m exhaust hose, 38 mm, flexible
  •         space-saving spider handle
  •         2 mounting brackets and screw nuts for floor mounting (screws for wooden floor enclosed)
  •         spray bottle for vinegar solution
  •         1 coconut brick for immediate use


The Nature's Head separation toilet comes with most of the components necessary for installation for you. This does not include the external fan (cover), as each application requires a different fan. Common are e.g. gill plates in various sizes (if you have e.g. already an old feedthrough), for a new installation a size of about 6 cm diameter is sufficient. A fly screen or a comparable solution with gauze would be recommended to make it impossible for insects to enter the ventilation hose.



Cleaning can be done easily with a light solution of citric acid and water (about 1 to 10).

Please follow the installation instructions regarding the venting area. We have attached supplemental information for you below.

For some installation variants longer hoses might be necessary, for longer pieces the hose can also be replaced by commercial PVC pipe. In this case, however, note that a flexible piece of hose is required towards the toilet for service work (pulling off the hose to empty the solids tank).

If your installation has a floor construction other than wood, other mounting screws may be necessary. For installations on concrete floors or similar, you can alternatively mount the toilet on a piece of painted wood that is screwed or glued tightly to the concrete.

If you want to operate the toilet on a 230 volt power supply (house connection), you can do this with the help of a suitable power supply.

As composting medium we recommend coconut fibers, which you can order directly from us. Buy now your Natures Head separation toilet directly from us.

You will receive a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on this product.


Important note for variants with foot crank

The foot crank is connected to the agitator via a slip clutch and can therefore only move the shaft in one direction (forward rotation). Therefore, the crank cannot be changed to the other side in this model. For operation with actuation on the left side as seen from the front, please order our classic with Spider Handle. This can also be operated comfortably with the foot, only the support surface for the foot is slightly smaller.

You would like to have an electric stirrer? Then check out the OGO Separating Toilet right here in the store now.


Questions and answers about the Natures Head separation toilet

How does a Natures Head separation toilet work?

The Natures Head separation toilet separates urine from solids by physical separation. For this purpose, there are holes in the front area of the dry toilet, which lead directly i.d. urine container. In the middle is the urine-diverting separation flap (=visual protection flap), which has a small opening when closed. Thus, it does not matter where in the bowl urination takes place, it always flows into the urine container when the separating flap is closed. As a result, women do not have to "aim" extra for successful separation. Solids, on the other hand, fall directly into the large solids container, which was previously filled with softened coconut fibers, for example, when the separation flap is open. With the agitator you then simply mix the coconut fibers and solids, which removes moisture from them and the composting can start directly. Many describe the smell in the bin as a kind of hummus smell. By the way, toilet paper can be added to the solids bin - it simply composts along with it.

What are the advantages of the Natures Head separation toilet?

The Natures Head separation toilet does not require any water or chemicals after the initial mass (coconut fibers + 1 liter of water) has been prepared and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Furthermore, boats, campers, motor homes, etc. do not have to carry as much fresh water (no flushing) and do not have to transport waste water. As a result, there is also no need to visit a disposal station. Composting keeps the separation toilet free of bad odors, so it can be used for 60-80 sessions before it needs to be emptied (empty urine every 2-3 days). The Natures Head separation toilet is also particularly suitable for wobbly situations (boat, jackknifing, off-road), because it comes from the boat building industry and here everything is solid and tight - nothing can actually "spill over".

How big is the space-saving Natures Head separation toilet?

The footprint of the Natures Head composting toilet is 48.3x48.3 cm. It is 53.3 cm high (full seat height) and weighs about 12.7 kg when empty.

How to clean the Natures Head separation toilet?

You can easily clean the surface of the separation toilet with some acetic acid or a citric acid/water mixture (1:10). The solids tank does not require any special cleaning during normal use, as composting is in progress. Therefore, no bags or liners are needed.

Is the Natures Head separation toilet suitable for women?

Absolutely! This is because the urine-diverting separation flap means that urine, no matter where in the bowl, always flows into the urine container (as long as the separation flap is closed). This makes some kind of aiming unnecessary. Therefore, it also makes it easier for children.

How to empty the Natures Head separation toilet?

The urine container can be easily removed from its holder and emptied accordingly. To empty the solids container, you remove the urine canister, simply unscrew the Natures Head separation toilet briefly from the base, remove the vent hose and simply dump it out. The bowl can be folded up for this purpose. There is no need for a bag inside the toilet.

How often do I have to empty the Natures Head separation toilet?

You should empty the urine container every 2-3 days. The solids container can also be left in use for several weeks and months (keyword composting) and lasts for about 60-80 sessions, depending.

How long does a separation toilet last?

Due to the fact that separation toilets do not have a flushing system, a water connection or a sewage connection, their lifespan is long. They are sturdily built and have few moving parts that affect the function itself.

Wasserlos: Ja
Art: Komposttoilette, Trenntoilette
Features: Integrierter Urintank, Lüfter vorhanden, Mit Rührwerk, Nachhaltig(er), Ohne Beutel, Sichtschutzklappe, Trennklappe, Volle Sitzhöhe
Ohne Chemie: Ja
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