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North is a manufacturer of kite and foil equipment from New Zealand. The focus is on kites and accessories for kitesurfing as well as for foiling, e.g. wingfoiling. North's products are of high quality workmanship and designed for durability.

At North, a lot is already being done on the topic of sustainability. As a water sports company, the ocean has a completely different importance. They are trying to avoid as much plastic waste as possible by soon completely eliminating plastic in packaging. Each North kite and Nova wing bag contains an average of 33 recycled PET bottles. To date, North has recycled over 1.2 million bottles.

Other steps include using 100% organic cotton in T-shirts and sweaters, for example, as well as adhering to high social standards. You can learn more here on the manufacturer's website.

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North Trace TT Board
North Trace TT Board Marine Green
Little wind? - No problem! The Trace TT board from North has a flat rocker and straight outlines, making the board planing fast and making it easier to ride against the wind. So you can get out on the water even when the wind is light....
€799.00 *
North Flex LX TT Binding
North Flex LX TT binding
The new Flex LX TT binding from North now offers even more support, control and comfort on your TwinTip board while kitesurfing. Here speaks a luxury from a great balance between comfort and performance. This binding was developed by...
€229.00 *
North Carve Kite 2023 pacific blue
North Carve Kite 2023
The Carve Kite 2023 from North is a great 3-strut kite, which is powerful, reactive and yet controllable. It is ideal for riding in the waves, but also for barrel dipping and boosting. Designed for fast pivots and excellent drifts, this...
From €1,279.00 *
North Atmos Carbon 2023 Kiteboard
North Atmos Carbon 2023 Kiteboard
The Atmos Carbon Board from North is even more awesome in its 2023 version! If you're looking for a board with a grippy and direct edge that riders like Nick Jacobsen or Mark Jacobs swear by, you've come to the right place. The North...
€1,129.00 *
North Orbit Kite 2023 Sunset Yellow
North Orbit Big Air Kite 2023
Indulging in proper megaloops in gusty weather requires a certain amount of confidence in your kite. The legendary 5-Strut (5 spokes) Big Air Kite Orbit offers incredible control with a lighter design. The 2023 model allows you more...
From €1,559.00 *
North Code Zero Kite
North Code Zero Kite 2023
Are you looking for an awesome kite with great performance even on light wind days? Then the Code Zero Kite 2023 from North may be just the right kite for you. The North Code Zero Strut Kite offers a lot of fun when foiling, light wind...
From €1,059.00 *
North Flex TT Bindung
North Flex TT binding
The Flex Binding from North is a binding for wakeboards and/or kiteboards. The Flex Binding gives you a secure hold and maximum comfort when wearing. The extremely soft and seamless straps that close around your feet are made of Knitflex...
€189.00 *
North Atmos Hybrid TT Board
North Atmos Hybrid TT Board 2022
The kiteboard Atmos Hybrid Carbon from North convinces with its sophisticated design and the particularly stable construction with UD carbon tape. Especially the medium-high outline curve provides precise edge control and simplifies your...
€479.00 * €699.00 *
North Navigator Control System/Bar
North Navigator Control System/Bar 2022
The Navigator Controlbar from North is a navigator control system that connects your kite in the air with you and offers you some advantages thanks to the innovative design. Through the Toolless-Interloop-System you will no longer need...
€579.00 *
North Orbit Allround Kite 2022
North Orbit Big Air Kite 2022
The kite Orbit 2022 from North will be a reliable and good companion for kiteboarding. The 5-strut kite (5-Strut) convinces with its stability and flexibility. The weight of this current model (2022) was reduced by new, lighter bladders....
From €999.00 * €1,719.00 *
North Reach Kite 2022 Rot
North Reach Kite 2022
The Reach Kite 2022 from North is a go-to kite. It is simple and easy to pack and unpack, as well as to assemble and disassemble. The weight of the 3-strut kite (3-Strut) has been reduced by the new Dacron Exo skeleton (type N-DURE) and...
From €1,429.00 *
North Prime TT Board Rot
North Prime TT Board Red 2022
The Prime composite board from North can be controlled intuitively and helps you make progress with your first freestyle tricks. The soft flex of the board is particularly suitable for beginners and simplifies the push off from the water...
€529.00 *
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