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OGO composting toilet by ToMTuR

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Integrierter Urintank
Mit Rührwerk
Volle Sitzhöhe
Ohne Beutel
Lüfter vorhanden
Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter
Ableitende Trennklappe
Ohne Chemie
Ohne Wasser
The OGO separation toilet with electric agitator is the result of intensive development work and... more
Product information "OGO composting toilet by ToMTuR"

The OGO separation toilet with electric agitator is the result of intensive development work and combines a beautiful design with high functionality. It is also a composting toilet with separation function.

By the way: in our blog article you can find a comparison table of the offered separation toilet systems.

Here you can learn more about the first filling of your OGO.
The OGO separation toilet

Thanks to its cubic design and pure white finish, the OGO® is a real eye-catcher. The separation toilet has a space-saving agitator system and a separately removable solids container. This simplifies the emptying of the container. As a composting toilet, the OGO separation toilet does not require water or chemicals and functions largely odor-free and environmentally friendly. You can influence the odor by selecting the compost material. For a pleasant indoor climate, we recommend ToMTuR coconut bricks.

With a full seat height of 46 cm, the OGO offers the best comfort - even in small spaces. Whether in a motorhome, boat or camper - the toilet finds space in the tightest of spaces.

In the new version, which is sold here now, the fill level of the urine container is simply indicated by a small LED around the actuating knob. This lights up red if the container is full. This way you will quickly get an info if the container is full.

Below we have listed some features of the OGO separation toilet.

Technical data of the OGO separation toilet

  •     Dimensions: 40,6x38,1x46,7 cm [WxDxH]
  •     Full seat height
  •     Weight: 11,6 kg
  •     Material PP / 4VA
  •     Capacity (removable) solids tank: 13 liters
  •     12V fan (0.24 W; approx. 0.006 kWh in continuous operation)
  •     12V electric agitator (24-84 Watt power consumption depending on the filling level)

Special features

  •     Privacy flap with separating function
  •     Compost toilet without bag
  •     With fill level indicator (red LED on the side) for urine container
  •     Urine draining flap
  •     Integrated urine tank with 9 liter volume
  •     No insert necessary, no re-spreading necessary, no garbage bag necessary!  

The function of the OGO separation toilet

The OGO Separating Toilet works very simply: before starting, a coconut brick is soaked in 1 liter of (preferably warm) water overnight, so that it can swell. This forms the material for absorbing moisture and feces in the solids tank. The privacy flap also serves as a separator of urine and solid waste. During use, you can separate the excreta with the sight flap.
The separation is necessary so that the contents of the solids container do not become too moist. The advantage: The separation allows you to easily empty urine separately via the urine container. By the way, the separation flap of the OGO is also particularly suitable for women, because it makes a kind of "aiming" unnecessary, since the entire area of the flap drains the urine into the container.
Stirring instead of flushing

After each use of the OGO, you simply operate the electric agitator. This removes moisture from solid feces. They mix with the coconut fiber mass and the composting process can begin. In this way, the OGO should be sufficient for about 40-50 sessions. The small fan transports excess moisture outside.
OGO Separating Toilet - Cleaning

Cleaning the OGO separation toilet can easily be done with a light solution of citric acid and water (about 1 to 10) and a soft cloth. The solids container does not really need to be cleaned during normal use, as the composting process is "running".
Scope of delivery of your OGO® separation toilet

  •     Dry separation toilet with composting function
  •     Urine container 9 l with lid
  •     electric 12 V fan (0.24W, pre-mounted) (approx. 0.006 kWh per day)
  •     1,8 m cable
  •     1,5 m exhaust hose (38 mm, flexible)
  •     spray bottle for vinegar solution


Installation of the OGO Compact Separating Toilet

Your new OGO separation toilet is delivered with most of the components necessary for installation. This does not include the external fan (cover), as the fan depends on the type of installation. Common are e.g. gill grids in various sizes (if you have e.g. already an old feedthrough), for a new installation a fan diameter of about 6 cm is sufficient. A fly screen or a comparable solution with gauze is recommended to make it impossible for insects to enter the ventilation hose. Please note the installation instructions for the venting area. We have compiled them for you here as a download: OGO Separating Toilet Quick Start Guide

For some installation variants of your separation toilet longer hoses might be necessary, for longer pieces the hose can also be replaced by commercial HT pipe.
Power supply of the separation toilet

If you want to operate the toilet on a 230 volt power supply (house connection), this can be done with the help of a power supply unit.

As composting medium we recommend coconut fibers, which you can order directly from us.

You are convinced of the function and design of the OGO separation toilet? Then order your OGO separation toilet from us now and secure yourself a sustainable toilet solution.

Questions and answers about the OGO Compact Separating Toilet

How does a separation toilet from OGO work?

A separation toilet separates solids from liquids by physical intervention, e.g. a separation flap with urine drainage function or an area in the front part which has a connection to a canister or hose for an external tank. Urine, for example, can thus be collected with a container and easily emptied, while solids are collected in the solids container, usually in a compostable bag or, as here, compostable material. Due to the urine-diverting separation flap, urine always flows into the urine container when closed, regardless of the location in the bowl.

What are the advantages of the OGO Separating Toilet?

The OGO dry separation toilet works without water and chemicals, making it particularly environmentally friendly. No fresh water is needed and also no waste water connected with chemicals is delivered, which needs additional cleaning. Furthermore, there is no need to carry extra fresh water for flushing or waste water in the motorhome or boat. The search of a pumping station becomes obsolete thereby also. By the way, toilet paper can also be thrown into the solid waste container, as it composts with it. The process of composting prevents unpleasant odors and you can use the toilet for a long time (40-50 sessions) until you need to empty the solid waste container. The urine container should be emptied every 2-3 days.

What is the size of the compact OGO separation toilet?

The OGO has a footprint of 40.6x48.3 cm and a height of 46.7 cm (full seat height). It weighs about 11.6 kg empty.

How to clean the OGO separation toilet?

You can clean the OGO separation toilet e.g. with some acetic acid or a citric acid-water mixture (1:10) and a soft cloth. The solids container does not really need to be cleaned during normal use, as the composting process is "running".

Is the OGO separation toilet suitable for women?

Yes, because the urine-diverting separation flap of the OGO separation toilet makes "aiming" unnecessary, because the area which simply drains the urine into the container is thus enlarged to the entire surface of the bowl. This also makes it easier for children to use. The flap only has to be closed when urinating.

How to empty the OGO separation toilet?

You can simply remove the urine container from its holder and dump it out, while you can completely remove and empty the solids container from the OGO. There is no need for a bag inside the toilet.

How often do I need to empty the OGO separation toilet?

The urine container should be emptied every 2-3 days. The solids container can also remain in use for several weeks and months (keyword composting) and lasts for about 40-60 sessions, depending.

How long does a separation toilet last?

Dry separation toilets have a long lifespan. There are few moving parts, no water supply or drainage lines, and no drains to clog, etc. For example, there is also no urine scale that can form underwater in a normal toilet. Likewise, a flushing system with float or similar is not present.

Wasserlos: Ja
Art: Komposttoilette, Trenntoilette
Features: Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter, Integrierter Urintank, Lüfter vorhanden, Mit Rührwerk, Nachhaltig(er), Ohne Beutel, Sichtschutzklappe, Trennklappe, Volle Sitzhöhe
Ohne Chemie: Ja
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Customer evaluation for "OGO composting toilet by ToMTuR"
19 Jan 2023

sehr gut

Die Anschaffung der Ogo-Toilette war eine sehr gute Entscheidung. Funktioniert wie beschrieben, Bestellung lief problemlos.
Shop kann ich weiterempfehlen.
Klaus Kulozik

29 Jul 2022

unser Fazit: eine sehr gute Entscheidung! Empfehlen wir weiter!!!

Nun ist sie seit 10 Tagen im Wohnmobil eingebaut.
Wir sind begeistert! Die Umstellung war einfach.
Ein leicht erdiger Geruch beim Öffnen des Schiebers sonst nichts. Auch beim Leeren des Urinbehälters kein Gestank und auch kein ekliger Anblick.
Sehr gut.
Nachdem wir die OGO ausschliesslich benutzt haben, mussten wir nun die erste Eimerleerung vornehmen. Klappte problemlos. Inhalt einfach nur ausgeschüttet und neue Faser rein.
Unser Fazit: eine sehr gute Entscheidung, sehr empfehlenswert!
Jetzt werden wir unbeschwerter Reisen!

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Answered questions

Question from Anonym , Date: 20.10.2023

Hallo, welches Toilettenpapier (u.a. Wieviel Lagen) wird für diese Trenntoilette empfohlen, damit es sich nicht im Rührwerk verhakt, denn es löst sich doch wegen der nicht vorhandenen Feuchtigkeit im Feststoffbehälter nicht so leicht auf, oder ?

Answer from the shopowner

Vielen Dank für Ihre Frage.

Theoretisch können Sie jedes Toilettenpapier verwenden, aber dünnes (max. 2 lagiges) füllt den Behälter nicht so schnell und ist einfacher für das Rührwerk zu zerreißen. Einige Kunden legen das Toilettenpapier auch in einen separaten Eimer, viele nutzen jedoch einfach die Kompostierfunktion mit dem Toilettenpapier zusammen.


Was auf keinen Fall verwendet werden darf sind feuchte Toilettenpapiere oder feuchte Reinigungstücher/synthetische Stoffe, da diese nicht kompostieren und sich um die Kurbel wickeln können.

Question from Herr Ritter , Date: 17.04.2023

Ich habe vor kurzem die OGO 2023 bekommen. Ist es korrekt, dass das Lüftergebläse dauernd läuft und nicht wie das Rührwerk automatisch abschanltet? Grüße Gerhard

Answer from the shopowner

Genau, das ist korrekt. Der Lüfter muss permanent laufen, damit die Feuchtigkeit abtransportiert wird und getrocknet werden kann (Trockentoilette)

Question from Frau Heigl , Date: 20.09.2022

Hallo, gibt es eine Abdeckung für die OGO, damit sie auch in Nasszellen verwendet werden kann? Besten Dank & Grüße.

Answer from the shopowner


aktuell gibt es vom Hersteller leider noch keine Lösung dafür. Eine Alternative ist eventuell die Natures Head.

Viele Grüße

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