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OGO separation toilet by ToMTuR - set with starter package

OGO Trenntoilette by ToMTuR - Set mit Starterpaket
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The OGO separation toilet by ToMTuR is now also available from us as a practical starter set!... more
Product information "OGO separation toilet by ToMTuR - set with starter package"

The OGO separation toilet by ToMTuR is now also available from us as a practical starter set!  

Included in delivery are:

The OGO separation toilet is a multi-talent. Outside, with the cubic shape and futuristic design, an eye-catcher and inside a sophisticated separation system. The compact separation toilet is also a composting toilet and has a space-saving electric agitator installed. By separating solid matter and urine into two separate containers, the OGO separation toilet requires neither water nor chemical additives. In addition, this simplifies emptying. Only the use of the environmentally friendly compost material is required to avoid odor development. The ToMTuR coconut bricks included in the set provide an odorless environment. With use of a correct compost material, you also do not need additional garbage bags for the container.

With a width of 40.6 cm and a depth of 38.1 cm, the OGO is a compact companion that can fit into any space, no matter how small. Yet the partition toilet, with a full seat height of 46 cm, retains its comfort. In the motorhome, camper, boat or in your Tiny House or gazebo, the OGO will fit in easily.

From now on we sell the new version of the OGO at The Outdoor Shop. This has a level indicator of the urine container. A small LED around the operating button lights up red when the container is full. So you can see at a glance if you need to empty the container.

By the way: in our blog article you can find a comparison table of the available urine-diverting toilet systems.

Would you like to learn more about the first filling of your OGO? - Then click HERE!

Features of the OGO separation toilet

  •     Composting toilet without bag
  •     Privacy flap with separation function
  •     Urine draining flap
  •     Electric level indicator for urine container (red LED a.d. side)
  •     No liner or re-spreading necessary
  •     No waste bags required

Technical data

  •     Dimensions: 40,06 x 38,1 x 46,7 cm [WxDxH].
  •     Weight: 11,6 kg
  •     Full seat height (46 cm)
  •     Material: PP / 4VA
  •     Removable solids tank capacity: 13 liters
  •     12V fan (0.24 W; approx. 0.006 kWh in continuous operation)
  •     12V electric agitator (24-84 W power consumption depending on the filling level)

Application of the OGO

At the beginning you put on, for an optimal use your supplied compost material. This simply with 1 liter of warm water over night to swell. The softened coconut brick can now absorb the moisture in the solids container. If you open the toilet lid of your OGO, you will see the privacy flap. This has both an aesthetic and a functional purpose, because in addition to providing privacy, it also serves as a separating flap. Urine and solids are separated thanks to it. The entire area of the flap directs urine into the designated container. The separation ensures that as little moisture as possible enters the solids container. In addition, the separation function makes it easier to empty both containers separately.

Stirring and drying function

The electric agitator mixes the coconut fibers in the solids container with the feces, thus removing the moisture from them. Each time after using the OGO, you simply operate the agitator and the composting process begins. The small fan supports the drying process and ensures that the last remaining moisture is transported to the outside. The OGO separation toilet has a capacity of 40-50 sessions.

Uncomplicated cleaning

With the help of a soft cloth and a light homemade solution of citric acid and water (mixing ratio about 1 to 10), the OGO can be cleaned very easily and quickly. The solids tank does not require cleaning during use, as the composting process runs constantly.

Installation of the OGO Compact Separating Toilet

The OGO Separating Toilet arrives at your home with most of the components necessary for installation. Not included in the delivery is the external fan (cover). This is because the fan must be selected individually according to the type of installation of the toilet. The most common are gill grilles, in different sizes (convenient if you already have an old implementation). If you are doing a new installation, a fan diameter of about 6 cm is sufficient. As an additional protection to make it impossible for insects to enter the ventilation hose, fly screens or similar solutions with gauze are recommended.

You should carefully follow the installation instructions for the ventilation area. You can find them here ready for download: OGO Separating Toilet Quick Start Guide

Depending on the installation variant, longer hoses may be required. HT pipes are also suitable for longer pieces.

Power supply of the OGO

Thanks to the included power supply, you can connect your OGO separation toilet to a 230 volt power supply (house connection).

The practical OGO separation toilet starter kit makes the first installation and use of the toilet as easy as it could be. Get your personal, sustainable separation toilet with composting function now.

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