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Become a partner now

You run a website about outdoor, climbing, hiking, traveling or another suitable topic? Wonderful, why not earn a little money with it? This way you can offer your visitors topic-relevant advertising and directly recommend an online store where they can buy the advertised products.

 You can find our AWIN affiliate site here.

How to become a partner of TheOutdoorShop

  •     Take a look at our assortment to get an overview of the products we offer.
  •     You are interested? Good! Just send us a message and we will get started.
  •     We will process your request, take a look at your website and usually inform you within 3 days about our decision to accept you into the affiliate program.
  •     Upon acceptance, you will receive all the necessary information from us to embed links, etc., so you can get started right away.
  •     Very good, every time a visitor comes to your site via a link and buys something, your cash register will ring.


The advantages

Become a partner in the affiliate program of TheOutdoorShop and enjoy great benefits!

  •     We offer you 7% commission on net sales up to 30 days after referral.
  •     A payout takes place already starting from 25€ monthly
  •     You have neither costs nor risk!
  •     Easy to implement with little technical knowledge
  •     You can contact us for free if you have any questions
  •     You can leave the program at any time and remove all links


FAQ about our affiliate program

    How much compensation do I receive?
    You will receive 7% of the real net sales price of the goods (no shipping costs).

    Example: A customer buys a backpack for 119€ including tax, then the net price is 100€ and the tax is 19€. In this case you would receive a commission of 7€ net.

    The commissions will be added up and paid out monthly if you exceed 25€. If you want to leave the affiliate program, any leftovers will be paid out.

    In which case will commission be deducted?
    Commission is always deducted if the customer has returned the goods and received a refund. The same applies if the customer does not pay in full.

    How does the affiliate program work technically?
    If a visitor clicks on a link from you that leads to our site and has the affiliate tag, a so-called "cookie" is set. This allows us to associate sales made by the visitor to your link for up to 30 days for your commission. If the visitor removes his cookies in the meantime, for example, the period will be shortened accordingly and we will no longer be able to assign him to the program and credit him with a commission.

    Can I use more than one website?
    Yes, you can. As long as you use your affiliate tag, purchases made through these links will be credited to your account if a cookie is present.


If you have any questions about the affiliate program, feel free to send us a message.