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Separett Tiny Separating Toilet (v2023)

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  • SRTINY.1
Integrierter Urintank
Volle Sitzhöhe
Mit Beutel
Lüfter vorhanden
Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter
Ohne Chemie
Ohne Wasser
The Tiny separation toilet is the latest development from Separett. Space-saving and beautifully... more
Product information "Separett Tiny Separating Toilet (v2023)"

The Tiny separation toilet is the latest development from Separett. Space-saving and beautifully designed, it combines the best of both worlds: Elegance and environmental friendliness. The Separett Tiny Separating Toilet works completely waterless and without chemicals. Compared to the Separett Villa dry toilet, the Tiny dry toilet is more space-saving while still offering a seat height of 44-45 cm. Also note the data sheets at the end of the product description.

This is the 2023 version of the Separett Tiny with an improved mechanism for the visual cover inside the toilet.


You find an experience report here.

By the way, in our blog article you can find a comparison table of the offered separation toilet systems.

The Separett Tiny is available in 2 variants:

  •     Urine container integrated in the housing (incl. electrical level indicator)
  •     with urine drainage function without container

The variant with urine diversion function gives you the possibility to use larger tanks. You can also purchase either a urine tank or the urine drainage system and thus convert to the other model if required. This way you have both options available.

The Tiny separation toilet is delivered already completely assembled and ready for use. All that is required is the installation of the fan and exhaust hose, and the insertion of a bag. The solids container should be sufficient for about 30-40 sessions. Cleaning can be easily done with a light solution of citric acid and water (about 1 to 10).

Please note that the Tiny is best placed against a wall so that the lid can be comfortably leaned against the wall, just as with a water-operated toilet. The lid must not be placed completely backwards, as this may impair the function. For optimal and correct function, the fan should run permanently. This is quiet and requires very little power (12V / 1.6 W).



  •     Bright design with easy to clean plastic surface
  •     Privacy flap with automatic opening
  •     integrated fan (12V / 1,6 W / approx. 0,0384 kWh per day) incl. mounting set
  •     solid waste tank with 14,5 l capacity
  •     variant with tank: urine tank has a volume of 7.1 liters with sensor-based level indicator
  •     Completely waterless and without chemicals
  •     Solids tank for bag collection
  •     Easy conversion from internal to external urine tank and vice versa
  •     Requires little space (effective installation depth 50 cm at 40 cm width)


There are so many different applications for the Separett Tiny: in a caravan, on a boat, in a Tinyhouse or even in your own garden.

Due to the horizontal surface in the front area, it is possible to separate solids from liquids, so that the contents of the solids container do not become too wet and urine can be disposed of separately. The privacy flap opens automatically when you sit down to use it. If you want to use litter for additional drying of the solids, please note that for this purpose either the toilet seat must be lifted or you must e.g. press firmly on the seat with your hand, as the sight protection flap closes again when you stand up. The drying process is supported by the integrated fan, it transports moisture to the outside. To clean your Separett Tiny you can use e.g. a vinegar/lemon solution and a soft cloth.

The solids container can be lined with e.g. a compostable bag made of corn starch. In any case, a bag is needed to avoid soiling the container.





  •     Dimensions: 50x40 [DxW] with a height of 44-45 cm
  •     Weight: 9kg
  •     14,5 L solids container
  •     7,1 L urine collection tank (for version with integrated tank)
  •     12V fan 1.6W with mains adapter to 230V (approx. 0.04 kWh per day in continuous operation)



The Separett Tiny separation toilet works independently of the room temperature and should be placed on the floor against a wall. It is advantageous to mount the Separating Toilet either on the floor, in the wall, or both, so that it stays in place. It is important that a ventilation pipe can be mounted, and in the case of the urine-diverting version, a urine hose can be placed in an external container.

There is an installation template with the Tiny. This shows how the installation options of the urine drain/ventilation tube are on the wall or in the floor.


Ventilation installation

The Separett Tiny separation toilet is designed for 50 mm (outer diameter) ventilation pipe tubing. Simply use Separett's installation kit, which includes pipes and connections in the correct dimensions. Ventilation can be through the floor, a side wall or even the roof and can be up to 5 m long. If an existing pipe of a previous toilet is not narrower than 50 mm, it can also be used. In case of longer pipes (than 5 m), an additional fan (13008) should be used, for sufficient air flow.

Installation of the urine hose (urine-diverting variant only)

A 2m urine hose is included in the urine-diverting variant. You can use either the straight or the 90° connection for the connection. As with the installation of the ventilation pipe, it is also possible to build the connection so that it is not visible. You can achieve this by angling it down or using the straight connection. You can find more information in the enclosed manual.


Questions and answers about the Separett Tiny separation toilet

How does a Separett Tiny separation toilet work?

The Separett Tiny separation toilet separates urine from solids through a separation attachment in the front area. From there, urine simply flows either into the urine container, or via a urine drain into an external tank. You can choose which variant you want to order and even easily convert the Tiny yourself. The divider flap is closed by default and opens automatically when you sit down. A small fan ensures that moisture can be transported to the outside. The solids container is lined with a compostable bag, making it easy to empty. The variant with integrated urine container is equipped with an electric level indicator and shows when the urine container is full.

What are the advantages of the Separett Tiny separation toilet?

The Separett Tiny dry separation toilet does not require water or chemicals. This means you don't have to carry extra fresh water or toilet wastewater in your camper, boat, etc. This reduces the weight considerably and makes a visit to a disposal station unnecessary and the Separett Tiny very environmentally friendly. The bag makes disposal very easy and quick.

How big is the space-saving Separett Tiny separation toilet?

The Separett Tiny requires an area of 50x40 cm and weighs only 9 kg when empty with full seat height (44-45 cm).

How do I clean the Separett Tiny separation toilet?

You can easily clean the Tiny Separating Toilet with some acetic acid or a citric acid-water mixture (1:10) and a soft cloth. This can also remove deposits in the urine hose. Alternatively, you can simply use Separett's Bio-Cleaner Tabs for the urine hose. The toilet is made of high-gloss polypropylene, which can be scratched by aggressive cleaning. For continued good ventilation, you should flush the filter in the ventilation duct with water from time to time.

How to empty the Separett Tiny separation toilet?

The urine container of the Tiny can be easily removed from its holder and emptied accordingly, if you use the version with integrated container. The bag of the solid waste container can be easily removed and disposed of.

How often do I have to empty the Separett separation toilet?

The solids container should be sufficient for about 30-40 sessions. You should empty the urine container every 2-3 days at the latest, even if it is not yet full.

How long does a separation toilet from Separett last?

The Tiny separation toilet from Separett does not have a water connection, or waste water connection and also no flushing system, which greatly reduces the number of possible problems and extends the service life.

Wasserlos: Ja
Features: Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter, Integrierter Urintank, Lüfter vorhanden, Mit Beutel, Nachhaltig(er), Platzsparend, Sichtschutzklappe, Urinableitung, Volle Sitzhöhe
Art: Trenntoilette
Ohne Chemie: Ja
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Customer evaluation for "Separett Tiny Separating Toilet (v2023)"
3 Sep 2022

Top Teil

Es ist schon viel Geld für einen 'Plastikpott', aber total stimmig und durchdacht. Wir waren etwas skeptisch, ob es wirklich funktioniert so ohne Chemie... Es ist das perfekte Teil! Wir genießen die neue Unabhängigkeit. Nachgerüstet haben wir noch den Urin kanister, den wir ca. alle 4 Tage(2Personen) komplett ohne Geruchsbelästigung völlig unkompliziert entleeren. Lüfter läuft bei uns dauerhaft-Einbau/Umrüstung war einfach. Wir haben den Kauf nicht bereut.

16 Jul 2022

Top Produkt

Die Tiny Separett passt prima, sieht gut aus, riecht auch bei starker Hitze und hoher Aussentemperatur überhaupt nicht und bietet den Komfort den wir benötigen. Ideal für unser Boot. Absolute Empfehlung.

27 Jun 2022

Sehr zu empfehlen

Die Toilette ist qualitativ hochwertig und auch bei 38° Außentemperatur konnten wir keinen Geruch im Innenraum feststellen. Bei der Benutzung zu viert (2 Kinder) ist der Feststoffbehälter nach ca. 4-5 Tagen schon relativ gut gefüllt, so dass wir in 2 Wochen Urlaub insgesamt 3 Tüten gebraucht haben.

Für unseren externen 50l Urintank würde ich mir in der Toilette einen austauschbaren Geruchsverschluss im Ableitungsrohr wünschen, den es z.B. für Wasserlose Urinale auch gibt.
Würde ggf. auch das "blau Tab" ersparen. Hoffentlich kommt hier noch etwas passendes auf den Markt.

100% Weiterempfehlung der Toilette

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Answered questions

Urinableitung ohne Behälter

Question from Anonym , Date: 20.11.2022

Beim setzen öffnet sich der Sitzschutz für den Feststoff. Ich gehe ich davon aus, wenn man wieder aufsteht schlicht sich dieser Sichtschutz wieder? Wohin mit dem Toilettenpapier, wenn der Sichtschutz wieder zu ist?

Answer from the shopowner

Genau, der Sichtschutz schließt, sobald man wieder das Gewicht von der Brille genommen hat. Man bleibt am besten mit einer "Seite" Sitzen und steht nicht komplett auf, sodass der Sichtschutz geöffnet bleibt.