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Separett Tiny toilet + starter SET

Separett Tiny Trenntoilette als SET Behälter
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You know the Separett Tiny separation toilet ? Wonderful! - We now offer the Tiny Separating... more
Product information "Separett Tiny toilet + starter SET"

You know the Separett Tiny separation toilet? Wonderful! - We now offer the Tiny Separating Toilet as a practical set.

Included in delivery are

  •     1x Separett Tiny separation toilet incl. fan, mounting set
  •     1x Separett 20x fecal bags (14,5l) compostable
  •     1x Separett absorbent wipes
  •     1x Separett bio-cleaner tabs
  •     1x Separett holder for drain cleaner tabs


The Tiny separation toilet from Separett is a mobile, sustainable and comfortable dry toilet. Dry toilet means that it works completely without water and "dries out" the solids. In addition, no additional chemicals are needed, as with many conventional camping toilets. This is due to the separating function of the toilet (more on this below). At 50 cm deep and 40 cm wide, the Tiny separation toilet is more compact than the Separett Villa dry toilet. Nevertheless, it retains the comfortable seat height of 44 to 45 cm. For more detailed information, please refer to the data sheets at the end of the product description!

Due to its size and functionality, it can be used in various ways. Both in the caravan, on a boat, in your Tiny House or in the gazebo / allotment. The Tiny separation toilet is a true all-rounder.

By the way: in our blog article you will find a comparison table of the offered separation toilet systems.

The Tiny separation toilet is available in 2 versions:

  •     with urine container integrated in the housing (incl. electric level indicator)
  •     with urine drainage function without container


Version two gives you the freedom to adjust the size of the tanks to your individual needs. Our tip: If you buy urine tank and urine drainage in addition, it is possible to convert both versions to the other. So you have, depending on your needs, the right separation toilet variant.

The Tiny Separating Toilet arrives at your home fully assembled and ready for immediate use (urine canister). Only the installation of the fan, the exhaust hose and the insertion of the solids bag is required. The fan should run permanently for optimal use and comfort. It is very quiet and runs on low power (12V / 1.6 W). The solid bags included in this set are enough for 30 to 40 sessions. With the bio cleaning tabs included in the set, cleaning the urine drain is quick and easy.

Note in use that your Tiny Separating Toilet must be placed against a wall for optimal operation. The lid, as with conventional toilets, should rest against the wall when in use and not hang freely in the air, as this can affect the functionality of the toilet (privacy screen).

Features of the Separett Tiny separation toilet

  •     Modern, classic design
  •     privacy flap with automated opening when sitting down
  •     easy-care plastic surface
  •     integrated fan (12V / 1,6 W / approx. 0,0384 kWh per day) incl. month set
  •     solids tank with 14,5 L capacity
  •     in the version with integrated tank, the urine tank has a volume of 7.1 L + sensor-based level indicator
  •     environmentally friendly, no chemical additives needed
  •     waterless
  •     conversion possible according to individual use: from internal to external urine tank and vice versa
  •     compact size



  •     dimensions: 50x40 cm (DxW), 44-45 cm seat height
  •     weight: 9 kg
  •     14.5 L solids tank
  •     7,1 L urine collection tank (for version with integrated tank)
  •     12V fan, 1.6W, with mains adapter to 230V (approx. 0.04 kWh per day in continuous operation)


The separation function

If you take a look inside the Separett Tiny dry separation toilet, you will see the privacy flap. This opens automatically when you put pressure on the toilet seat or when you lift it. If you want to use litter for additional drying of the solids, you should make sure that the sight protection flap is open when adding the litter. Due to the flat separator inside, urine and solids are automatically separated from each other and transported to the designated containers. Thanks to this process and the fan, no chemicals are required, as moisture is removed from the contents, making odors a thing of the past. In addition, the separation function simplifies the emptying of the containers and also the cleaning becomes much more pleasant thanks to the cleaning tabs and the bags made of corn starch.


Installation of the Separett Tiny separation toilet

Regardless of the outside or room temperature, the Tiny separation toilet is fully functional. The intended placement on a wall and generally correct installation should be observed. It is not suitable for a wet room.

If you want to use the separation toilet in a fixed place, you can fix it to the floor and/or wall. Note that a ventilation pipe can still be mounted and there is room to place the urine hose in an external container in the urine-diverting toilet version. The Tiny installation template shows options for installing the urine drain and ventilation pipe on the wall or floor.

Installation of the ventilation

With the included installation kit from Separett. In this kit are included pipes and connections in the dimensions intended for the Tiny separation toilet. The ventilation pipes should be 50 mm (outer diameter). If there is one from a previous toilet, it can also be used if it does not fall below the 50 mm diameter. The ventilation can be placed through the floor, a side wall or the roof. This makes it possible to install pipes and accessories out of sight. The ventilation pipe may be up to 5 m long. If the pipe is longer, an additional fan (13008) should be installed for optimal functionality.

Installing the urine tube (urine-diverting version only)

If you decide on the urine-diverting version, a 2 m long urine hose is included in the scope of delivery. Both the straight and the 90° connection can be used. Both can be mounted non-visibly like the ventilation tube. You can find more detailed information in the enclosed manual.


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