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Separett Villa Composting Toilet

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Volle Sitzhöhe
Mit Beutel
Lüfter vorhanden
Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter
Ohne Chemie
Ohne Wasser
Separett Villa dry toilet combines beauty of form and environmental friendliness, showing that... more
Product information "Separett Villa Composting Toilet"

Separett Villa dry toilet combines beauty of form and environmental friendliness, showing that these need not be opposites. This dry toilet with separation function works completely waterless and without chemicals. Compared to the Separett dry toilet, the Villa dry toilet is slightly larger and offers a seat height of 44cm. Also note the data sheets at the end of the product description.

By the way: in our blog article you will find a comparison table of the offered separation toiletsystems.

You can find the installation video von Vimeo here.

The Separett Villa offered here is the 9010 version with 12V fan and 230V power supply. This means that the fan is a 12V axial fan with 2W power. A power adapter to 230V is already included.

In this version there is no more switch for the fan.



  •     Beautiful design with easy to clean surface made of recyclable plastic
  •     Removable solids container
  •     Privacy flap with automatic opening
  •     Separation function for solids and liquids
  •     Integrated fan for air removal
  •     Completely waterless and without chemicals
  •     Large solids container (23 liters) for solids for composting & collection
  •     Rotating mechanism under the collection bin for optimized capacity
  •     5 year manufacturer warranty


There are many possible uses for the Separett Villa: in a caravan, on a boat, in a Tinyhouse or even in your own garden. Due to its size, however, it is rather something for the fixed installation in garden houses, weekend houses, Tiny Houses and many more.

Due to the horizontal surface in the front area (separating insert), it is possible to separate solids from liquids, so that the contents of the solids container do not become too wet and urine can be disposed of separately. Toilet paper can simply be disposed of in the solids container.

The fact that the solids container is not placed in the center and rotates slightly mechanically when sitting down means that no "tower" is built up in the center during use. In this way, the solids container fills up less quickly.

The (blue) privacy flap opens automatically when sitting down during use. If you want to use litter for drying, please note that the toilet seat must be lifted for this, as the privacy flap closes again after standing up. The integrated fan supports drying and transports moisture and odors to the outside. The separation function drains urine into an external container. This is not included in the scope of delivery.

The solids container can be lined with a compostable bag made of corn starch, for example. A bag for the solids container is useful and necessary in any case.

For optimal function and correct air extraction, the 12V fan should run continuously. The power consumption is about only 0.048 kWh per day.



  •     Material: recyclable polypropylene HD-PP
  •     Dimensions: 67,5x46 [DxW] with a seat height of 44 cm
  •     Weight: 15kg
  •     23 L solids tank
  •     Version 9010: 12V axial fan 2W with power adapter to 230V and battery cable (approx. 0.048 kWh per day in continuous operation)



Questions and answers about the Separett Villa separation toilet

How does the Separett Villa separation toilet work?

The Separett Villa separation toilet simply separates liquid from solid via a separation insert in the front area of the bowl. A urine drain is used in the Villa, so you can easily connect it to an external tank. The privacy flap over the solids tank opens automatically when you sit down, so solids can fall into the tank The solids tank is then lined with a compostable bag, for example, making it easy to empty. Directly with it is a 12V fan, which transports away excess moisture.

What are the advantages of the Separett Villa separation toilet?

Because the Separett Villa separation toilet works completely without water, you not only save money, but also do not have to carry fresh water for flushing and waste water of the toilet. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to go to a pump-out station, for example on boats or caravans. The solids tank can be emptied simply by changing the bag. Another point: in gazebos, Tiny Houses etc. there is no need to install a drain or inlet, because the Separett Villa does not need fresh water.

How big is the Separett Villa separation toilet?

The Separett Villa dry separation toilet requires an area of 67.5x46 cm and weighs 15 kg when empty. With 44 cm the Separett Villa offers you a great sitting height. It is more intended for garden houses, Tiny Houses, etc. for permanent installation, as it is relatively large.

How to clean the Separett Villa separation toilet?

To clean the Separett Villa separation toilet is well suited, for example, a mixture of acetic acid or citric acid and water (1:10) and a soft cloth. This can also be used to remove deposits in the urine hose. Alternatively, you can simply use Separett's Bio-Cleaner Tabs for the urine tube.

How do I empty the Separett Villa separation toilet?

Urine flows through the drain into an external tank that you must empty. The solids tank is simply lined with a compostable bag for easy emptying and disposal of the bag and contents.

How often do I need to empty the Separett Villa separation toilet?

The 23 L solid waste container should be sufficient for about 60-80 sessions in terms of volume. Note that there is no urine tank included here.

How long does a Separett separation toilet last?

The Separett villa is made of sturdy material, does not require a water connection, no closure and accordingly no cistern with corresponding parts. You should have something from the Separett Villa for a long time, because you get 5 years manufacturer warranty.

Wasserlos: Ja
Features: Entnehmbarer Feststoffbehälter, Lüfter vorhanden, Mit Beutel, Nachhaltig(er), Sichtschutzklappe, Urinableitung, Volle Sitzhöhe
Art: Trenntoilette
Ohne Chemie: Ja
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