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Products from Separett

Separett is the leading manufacturer of waterless composting toilets in Sweden and has been developing excellent solutions for over 40 years. The best known models include, for example, the Separett Villa, or Separett Tiny toilet - both waterless and chemical-free composting toilet in high quality workmanship.

The toilet systems from Separett can be used in many ways: whether in the caravan/caravan, in the Tiny House, on the boat or in your own garden.

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Separett Villa Starterset
Separett Villa SET with equipment
You are interested in the Separett partition toilet Villa? - This is now also available in a practical set with us! In this set are included: 1x Separett Villa 1x Separett Ejector Tank 1x Separett Fecal Bag 35L (pack of 10) 1x Separett...
€929.80 *
Separett Tiny Trenntoilette als SET Behälter
Separett Tiny toilet + starter SET
You know the Separett Tiny separation toilet ? Wonderful! - We now offer the Tiny Separating Toilet as a practical set. Included in delivery are 1x Separett Tiny separation toilet incl. fan, mounting set 1x Separett 20x fecal bags...
From €819.00 * €872.65 *
previously €789.00*
Separett Dachdichtung 75/110 mm
Separett roof seal 75/110 mm
This separet roof seal 75/110 mm has been made for tar or tile roofs from EPDM rubber. It is used for tight installation of the vent pipe through the roof. Includes: 1x 75 mm hose clamp 1x 110 mm hose clamp
€71.90 *
Separett Lüftergehäuse mit Lüfter (Tiny)
Separett fan housing with fan (Tiny)
This is the Separett fan housing with fan (Tiny) for your Do-It-Yourself project or as a spare part for the Separett Tiny separation toilet. In case of a more complex installation, an additional fan can be installed. Short pipe piece for...
€149.00 *
Green Care Streu für Trockentoiletten 50 l
Green Care litter for dry toilets 50 l
Das Einstreu erhöht effektiv die Luftigkeit des Komposts, sodass die Kompostierung schnell, sauber und geruchsfrei erfolgt. Hinweis: Wenn sie ein Belüftungssystem mit ihrer Toilette installiert haben, achten sie darauf das dieses sich...
Content 50 Liter (€0.40 * / 1 Liter)
€19.90 *
Separett Ejektor-Tank 50 Liter
Separett ejector tank 50 liters
With the Separett ejector tank with a volume of 50 liters, you can easily reuse collected urine from your separation toilet and simply distribute it, for example, on the lawn or in bushes for fertilizing, because urine contains valuable...
€209.95 *
Separett Urintrennender Kindersitz
Separett urine separating child seat
The urine separating child seat from Separett is suitable also allows your children to more easily use a separating toilet from Separett. The product is compatible with the following models: Separett Tiny Separett Villa Urine separation...
€49.90 *
Separett Dichtung Urinanschluss Tiny®
Separett seal urine connection Tiny®
This item is two replacement caps for the Separett Tiny urine canister in yellow.
€6.99 *
Separett Verschluss Urinkanister Tiny®, 2 Stk.
Separett closure urine canister Tiny®, 2 pcs.
This item is two replacement caps for the Separett Tiny urine canister in yellow.
€8.99 *
Separett Absorb für Tiny Tuch für Fäkalienbehälter
Separett Absorb for Tiny (10 pieces)
Separett Absorb is placed on the bottom of the waste bag and absorbs moisture. This helps to keep the container dry and as free as possible from odors. This variant was specially designed for the Separett Tiny and was made of compostable...
Content 10 Stück (€2.49 * / 1 Stück)
€24.90 *
Separett Absorb Tuch für Fäkalienbehälter
Separett Absorb Cloth for Fecal Tank
The cloth Separett Absorb is placed in the waste bag in the waste tank of your separation toilet. It absorbs moisture at the bottom and thus reduces odors. Separett Absorb is compostable. There are 5 wipes in the package.
Content 5 Stück (€3.18 * / 1 Stück)
€15.90 *
Separett Privy Isoliersitz 300 blau
Separett Privy Insulated Seat 300
The Privy 300 Separett insulating seat can be easily mounted on the Privy 500 urine separation insert or an existing toilet bench. Screws and glue for permanent fixing should be avoided so that the seat can still be replaced if...
€29.99 *
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