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Sustainability can have different faces: reduction of plastic, usage of renewable energy sources (like sun or wind) for the webhosting and fulfillment, reduction of packaging-garbage or compensation of CO2 by planting trees.

We start with our part of sustainability at the beginning: with the energy! The energy that is used in our datacenters comes from wind and water and is therefore "green". Our webosting company uses efficient hardware to save that energy. Our computers are powered with 100% of green energy, by using the sun with our own photovoltaic power system, that creates more energy a year than we use. In addition to that we use packaging made of recycled material, which is easy to recycle itself. Our target is to use 1% of our sales (net) to plant trees here in Germany to compensate our carbon footprint. When we use fulfillment companies, we take care that those companies are also green concerning packaging and energy consumption.


The product side

We want you to get excellent products with a high product lifetime. That means, that you should not have to throw them into the garbage for a long time. Since you like to being outdoors, we assume you like nature and animals and therefore keep your trash away from them and use equipment that can be used for a long time.

We want to expand our portfolio with products that use at least 80% recycled material or better that are completely made of recycled material. Oceanplastic might be even better to reduce it there. Unfortunatley, a lot of products like that are still not available. If you know any manufacturers that might be interesting for us, feel free to get in contact with us to recommend their products.